Sully's Keepers: November-December 2010

The Simpson-Bowles Reax
My take and others' on the deficit proposals.

The Big Lie
This year has seen the triumph of untruth.

The Big Lie II
More debunking of myths against Obama.!
What is an online magazine? On the Beast/Newsweek merger.

The Pope And The Male HIV-Positive Prostitute
And so Pandora's box opens.

Obama: President; McConnell: Sucker
Obama has secured - with GOP backing - a big new stimulus.

DADT Repeal: Heads They Win; Tails We Lose
I've been leery of using the courts until now.

Obama's Long Game: 65 - 31
It was painstakingly slow but thereby much more entrenched.

The Arc Of History
Ending DADT enlarges the circle of freedom and shrinks victimhood.

The Long Game And Israel
Obama has not asserted; he has demonstrated.

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