Still Going Strong

by Chris Bodenner

Early news via EA:

1048 GMT: Very loud chants now around Tahrir Square as new demonstrations proceed. One appears to be from Shubra, a couple of kilometres away. Al Jazeera correspondent says this is the "most organised" demonstration he has seen during the week.

1045 GMT: Al Arabiya is reporting a "massive protest" in Alexandria. Al Jazeera says neighbourhood watch groups are refusing to allow police to patrol their streets.

1035 GMT: The Rafah border with Gaza remains closed indefinitely. Al Jazeera English is reporting on Palestinians who escaped from Egyptian jails and returned to Gaza in the last 72 hours.

1020 GMT: Dan Nolan of Al Jazeera writes, "No ATMs making life hard for all but at least we have credit cards. Most Egyptians use cash. Many feeling very much under siege."

1015 GMT: Egypt's stock exchange remains closed.

1010 GMT: Ben Wedeman of CNN reports, "Lots of gunfire in Maadi [upper-income section of Cairo]. Many foreigners, Egyptians have left or are leaving. Stores full of buyers stocking up."

In other developments:

1130 GMT: The new Egyptian Cabinet is being named. Headline so far is that General Mahmoud Wagdy replaces the long-time Minister of Interior Habib el-Adly. Goudat El-Malt, formerly of the audit office, is now Minister of Finance.