Sentence Of The Day

Ben must have enjoyed writing this:

Last fall, Joseph Farah, the publisher of WorldNetDaily, which blends conservative news, UFO theorizing and a focus on President Obama’s birth certificate, emailed one of [CPAC organizer David] Keene’s deputies to suggest a panel on the birth certificate.

There's some interesting background in the piece on the personal warfare at large in the ideological battles over CPAC and the gays as well:

“There are a lot of conservatives who see a larger problem with Grover Norquist and David Keene, and they’ve decided to fight it out and CPAC is a proxy for that,” said Erick Erickson, the publisher of, who said he won’t be participating in the conference because he wants to stay out of the conflict. “The underlying question is whether the conservative movement still has strong planks for social conservatism and national security coservatism. But it has also become very personal.”

By the way, since when did a sentence contain the words "Erick Erickson" and "wants to stay out of the conflict"? These people are such phonies at times.