Rush Limbaugh, Birther?

by Conor Friedersdorf

It's come to this:

Do you think if this was me and they were trying to prove that I wasn't an American and I insisted that I was, but I couldn't produce a birth certificate or wouldn't, and yet the governor of Missouri says, "Oh, yeah, there's a little notification, somebody wrote down Limbaugh was born here."  Do you think that would fly?

After a long segment speculating about whether Obama is actually a foreigner, or engaged in an elaborate conspiracy to head fake the right, Limbaugh takes a call:

CALLER:  It's a pleasure to speak to you.  The reason I was calling, I was listening to the program earlier, and I heard you say something about something doesn't smell right with this whole birth certificate business in Hawaii.

RUSH:  Right, it doesn't, because the director of health out there says he's seen the birth certificate.  The governor says he wants to release it but he can't find it.  Now, something's not anywhere near right here.

CALLER:  Well, I'm sure that Obama and the left would like nothing more than to get talk radio, you and Hannity and Beck and all the rest, talking about all this stuff going on in Hawaii, sounding like a bunch of birthers, and then come back and attempt to discredit you, as if they could, just before the election --

RUSH:  Yeah, I know.

CALLER:  -- and say you're just a bunch of nut bags out there complaining and whining and all the rest.

That sums it up, doesn't it? A bunch of nut bags whining and complaining. Even the callers are starting to catch on.