Weigel reports on the jubilant GOP mood after their symbolic repeal vote. He says that Republicans are still planning to tweak the healthcare law:

Repeal was HR 2. Right now the House is debating HR 9: "Instructing certain committees to report legislation replacing the Job-Killing Health Care Law." That was the plan. Step One: Pass a repeal bill that everybody knows can't go further than the House, to get on record fulfilling a Tea Party promise. Step Two: Craft replacement legislation and ways to defund portions of "ObamaCare" in the committees. Several Democrats I spoke to yesterday, like Rep. Jared Polis and Rep. William Lipinski, said they were ready to work with Republicans to, respectively, repeal the 1099 provision of health care reform and to get tougher on abortion funding.

But no actual plan to find a way to insure the uninsured or restrain costs. (Image via TPM)

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