Quote For The Day II

"I screwed around in New Orleans for four years, like, 'What do I want to do with the rest of my life?' Then I got online. I said, I have nothing better to do than to be online and to be here at the very beginning. Very very lucky. I've been doing this for fifteen years because I screwed up in college. So when I go to colleges to give speeches I said, 'Drink.' (laughter) And I still do believe that. That's somewhat – and I tell the parents when I talk to Lincoln clubs, I say, 'You should give your kids an extra 50 dollars a month to drink.' And it's not – well obviously there's the Internet now. But if your kid can survive the indoctrination process in college he or she will be okay. And that's obviously where the worst bias happens in the world. So anything to get you through those four to six or so years," - publisher Andrew Breitbart.