Question For The Day

by Chris Bodenner

A reader asks it:

The Bush administration made it clear they wanted to bring democracy to the Middle East, which was cheered on by the right.  Interesting that those on the right have remained so quiet with respect to what's happening right now.  Is this because it's far too early to judge the outcome, or is it that they are afraid that a Democratic administration may actually receive the credit if things actually work out?

The Dish will soon supply a comprehensive look at the conservative media's reaction to this historic moment in Egypt, but here's an early indication from the Guardian's Richard Adams:

The main US cable news networks had given Egypt minimal coverage so far this week, partly because of the time difference but also because of the president's state of the union address on Tuesday night absorbing so much energy. That has all changed today, with the the extraordinary scenes from Egypt filling America's TV screens – even if the early morning bulletins were more interested in Charlie Sheen's hernia.

The exception has been Fox News, where coverage has been more muted. "You probably don't give a lot of time thinking about Egypt," a Fox News presenter suggested about an hour ago, before explaining that "groups linked to al-Qaida" were in danger of taking over the government in Cairo.