Physical Health Break Update

You can imagine how frustrating it is for me not to be blogging right now, with these momentous events going on. I can't imagine I could do a better job than Patrick, Chris, Zoe and Conor though - and I'd like to thank them for taking on this week with such gusto, passion and relentlessness.

My basic update: like the economic recovery. The initial respiratory infection and then asthma attacks were so severe my lungs are still in recovery. Every day a little more oxygen but the progress is frustratingly slow. My docs insist on bed rest until my lungs are back to full strength. I hope this week. People with respiratory illness (this is not HIV related) will know the drill, and I've been a chronic asthmatic since I was a toddler. Every now and again, a nor-easter of viral infection, bacteral infection, athma attack and, yes, refusing to stop work earlier lays you low. So I'm taking my doctor's advice and will be back as soon as I can. With bells on.

--- Andrew