Palin's Id

Howard Kurtz profiles Rebecca Mansour:

A Lebanese American who grew up in Michigan, Mansour, who is in her mid-thirties, is a former Hollywood screenwriter who felt so strongly about Palinwhom she’d never metthat she founded the website Conservatives4Palin. Originally hired to help with Palin’s famous Facebook page, Mansour says on her Twitter feed that she is speaking only for herself. But she whacks Palin’s detractors with such thumb-in-the-eye passion as to make her boss seem downright diplomatic.

There are the “puppy-kickers” and “porn producers” at Politico. The “liar” at the Associated Press who said Palin provided no press access on her visit to Haiti except for Fox News. The “semi-literate buffoons at MSNBC.” The “mouth-breathing loon” Aaron Sorkin. The Maureen Dowd column that chided Palin for shooting a caribou on her TLC show that was “so stupid I thought it came from The Onion.”