Palin's Base Eyes Huckabee

David Frum says that "that there are really only two presidential primaries in the GOP: The evangelical primary and the business primary." After Palin's recent performance, he believes that "Mike Huckabee [is] the presumptive winner of the evangelical primary":

Suppose you are a faith & family voter: strongly socially conservative, strongly opposed to Barack Obama. By now you have thoroughly absorbed the idea that Palin is electorally radioactive. Quietly, you may also have your own reservations about Palin’s character, temperament and judgment. If you didn’t have an alternative, you might have to stick to her. But you do have an alternative: in fact it’s your own first choice from 2008. Easy call, yes?

Does David really believe this about the Palinites? I hope he's right. I fear he's very wrong. Huckabee's fiscal record is liberal and he pardoned a cop-killer. He's a very genial person and would be a powerful antidote to the increasingly angry image of the GOP. But cult-followers do not abandon their icons easily. I still believe the nomination is hers to lose. And fervently hope I'm wrong.