Palin Responds Via Beck

With what appears to me to be a renewed threat of violence:

I hate violence. I hate war. Our children will not have peace if politicos just capitalize on this to succeed in portraying anyone as inciting terror and violence.

It's barely literate, but what can it mean that children "will not have peace" if people are held morally responsible for consequences of their violent rhetoric? How can asking people to turn the volume down lead to an absence of peace? Then this:

According to Beck he wrote to her saying:

“Sarah, as you know, peace is always the answer. I know you are feeling the same heat, if not much more on this.  I want you to know you have my full support."

He then encouraged her to get some protection because an "attempt on you could bring the Republic down."

Way to calm things down - by presaging a civil war based on an assassination attempt on Palin. It takes projection to an entirely new level.