Palin Keeps Mum

Bernstein bets that the Giffords shooting won't have much, or any, effect the GOP nomination. But Palin's response prompts him to ask whether there is "anyone who has shown such a consistent lack of growth as a national politician as Sarah Palin?"

There are lots of Republicans who would would be open to changing their minds about her, if she gave them a reason. It’s just that every time she’s had the chance, she pushes everyone outside of her personal faction away.

That is, she’s so far shown herself either incapable or unwilling to be more than a factional candidate, and factional candidates don’t win presidential nominations, at least not since around 1976 or so.  

On cue, Pawlenty dings Palin for the cross-hairs map. Sargent analyzes:

This story has now raged well out of control for Palin, revealing the limitations of her current communications approach. For the first time, Palin's foes sense a real opportunity to take her down a few pegs without any serious political risk to themselves.

Weigel differs, calling Palin's silence "smart media strategy".