Now Sudan

by Chris Bodenner

Violent protests have broken out in cities across the North African nation:

Hundreds of armed riot police on Sunday broke up groups of young Sudanese demonstrating in central Khartoum and surrounded the entrances of four universities in the capital, firing teargas and beating students at three of them. Police beat students with batons as they chanted anti-government slogans such as "we are ready to die for Sudan" and "revolution, revolution until victory".

And social media were there to lead the way:

No one took much notice when a Facebook page was created, calling on Sudanese to join protests today against the 21-year rule of President Omar al-Bashir.

Here's a video report from the BBC. Some context of today's events:

The unrest came on the day it was announced that some 99% of South Sudanese voted to secede from the north in region's recent independence referendum.