Moore Award Nominee, Ctd.

A reader writes:

I think perhaps you should reconsider your Moore Award nominee. The object of her rhetorical horse-whipping really is a misogynist whackaloon. I just read his article. It is stark raving mad. You should read it. He really is opposed to women voting and he wants to colonize outer space to escape taxes. Amanda Marcotte is not exaggerating.

The award was garnered because of Marcotte's characterization of all libertarianism, not because many of Thiel's particular views are worth defending. Marcotte uses Thiel as a bludgeon to grossly distort the small L libertarian worldview. She also invents policy positions that most libertarians don't hold: they want " to create an army to ransack other nations and take their wealth." Huh?

She apparently doesn't see this.