Moore Award Nominee, Ctd

A reader writes:

As a pro-choice woman who has read you for many years, I have found that I can respect your anti-abortion views as they are based on your beliefs and your conscience. In fact, it is because of your clear, reasoned voice on the topic that I have found any understanding for the sanctimonious nerve of the pro-life movement.

That said, I find your choice of Moore Award Nominee for Katha Pollitt's words to be deeply hypocritical. When the Catholic church was holding DC humanitarian efforts hostage over gay marriage you were incandescent with rage -- not just because you believe that the right to marry is fundamental but because using it as a political tool to jeopardize care and aid to those in need offends you, as well it should.

Despite your pro-life stance, you must certainly understand that the right to have single and final say in what happens to one's body feels as basic and fundamental to a woman like myself as marriage feels to you. Holding HCR hostage over this issue appears just as offensive and disgusting to me as what happened in DC.

Had HCR not passed, millions would have suffered and people would have died, and that is not Moore-esque rhetoric nor exaggeration, but simply the frightening state of affairs that makes HCR necessary. That pro-life political forces were willing to let that status-quo continue if they didn't get their way is also simply now a footnote in an important moment in history. There was a compromise and it was at the cost of rights for pro-choice women like myself. If a similar compromise had to be made over gay marriage you'd be making the same point as Pollitt and I'd wager you'd use language just as passionate.

That you disagree with Pollitt's view of the situation, I can understand as an extension of your existing belief system. That you dismiss her anger which speaks for many women like myself over what had to be sacrificed for HCR, however, and liken it to Michael Moore buffoonery should be beneath you.

Calling abortion opponents "big evil babies" isn't buffoonery?