Moore Award Nominee, Ctd

by Patrick Appel

John Cole protests his nomination:

Do you think they understood the point of my post last night? Like, for example, the people on “teh left” who are all nominated for awards are basically folks with no institutional power, and whose grave sins range from saying fuck too much and pointing out that wingnuts are crazy? That it is absurd to equate a bunch of slightly obnoxious comments from random bloggers to the Malkin awards, which is a list of individuals who make up the institutional right. When was the last time Digby was on television? Or Tbogg? Or Amanda Marcotte? Do they understand that Markos is essentially blacklisted from NBC?

Do they even understand the concept of false equivalence?

The Dish spent much more time this year tracking vitriolic right-wing rhetoric than left-wing rhetoric. I went through all of this year's nominees and there were roughly ten times as many Malkin nominees as Moore nominees. And don't forget that there is a second category for right-wing bile – the Hewitt Award.  If there wasn't an award for extreme left-wing vindictiveness, the contrast between left and right Cole fixates on wouldn't be evident. And while I agree that this year's Malkin nominees are generally more extreme than the Moore nominees, that doesn't make the Moore nominees defensible. The Dish isn't going to shy away from pointing out liberal intemperateness and divisiveness just because the other side is currently worse. 

Wishing death upon your political enemies isn't kosher –even if your words are dripping with sarcasm, you're riffing off an old Dave Weigel quote, and you're targeting someone as loathsome as Bill Kristol.  Is that such a crazy standard to keep?