Mid-East Scramble

 by Zoe Pollock

Blake Hounshell parses the Al Jazeera leaks, which hinted at major Palestinian concessions offered to Israel:

If [the Guardian's] speculation is right, the leakers intended to embarrass their former bosses. Mission accomplished.

So what now? Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been ruling outside the law for some time now; there doesn't seem to be a legal means for his opponents to oust him. That means Palestinians who oppose the PA are going to need to take to the streets to voice their disapproval, Tunisia style.

And what of the two-state solution? It was probably already dead, and these documents will only reinforce the point. But I imagine the "peace process" will limp along, one way or another, until it becomes impossible to defend anymore.

Meanwhile Hounshell is keeping a close eye on Egypt, where "the Egyptian street got a taste of its power today."