Malkin Award Nominee, Ctd

A reader takes issue with the nomination:

Does Lew Rockwell really qualify as right-wing? The only thing he hates more than Democrats are Republicans.  Hell, even the quote you pull rails equally against warfare as it does bank bailouts.

His take on the raising the debt ceiling is indeed shrill, but isn't it, well, self-evidently true?

Raising the ceiling is, by definition, continuing business as usual because it is, without exception, what we have done EVERY TIME we have been confronted by the immediate problem of having more spending than we have revenue and having legal limits in place in an attempt to get Congress to take responsibility for its spending rather than trying to just borrow against our long-term solvency for the sake of avoiding difficult short-term choices.  The conventional wisdom in the Beltway is that voting against raising the debt ceiling is wildly irresponsible - which is ironic considering that voting to raise the debt ceiling is, again, by definition an explicit announcement of Congress' abdication of responsibility. 

And, remember, the debt ceiling isn't some arbitrary concept, nor is it there entirely to try to get Congress to spend responsibly; it is there to limit the eventual damage in case Congress absolutely refuses to pay down debt.  Much in the same way toxic assets brought down the banking system because they jumped over the meager fences designed to limit the damage should they explode, so too does constantly raising the debt limit essentially constantly raise the risk to all of us that our debt entails (and it DOES entail risk). 

People who vote against raising the debt limit aren't some kind of wild-eyed fiscal purists demanding a return to a pre-New Deal America.  They're just asking that Congress adhere to its own self-imposed limits - limits there to protect us from their institutional short-sightedness (and limits, by the way, that it managed to adhere to LAST YEAR at the level they're at now without society imploding and governance grinding to a halt and all of us having to eat our pets and grandparents for sustenance in some kind of crazy Mad Max world).

Lew is right - refusing to, yet again, raise the debt ceiling is just voting to forever expand every aspect of government (which I wouldn't call necessarily a criminal enterprise, but that's Lew Rockwell for ya) and a steadfast refusal to make choices.  It is a blank check to everything, from social services to defense (read: warfare state), and an abject refusal to try to keep spending at a zero sum gain. 

I find it hard to take seriously people who hold the two competing ideas in their head that Republicans are hypocrites for not being serious about cutting spending but insane for trying to force the issue.

Because, you know, forcing the issue could devastate America's fiscal standing and create economic global chaos and uncertainty. And if Lew Rockwell isn't on the far right, then is my reader saying he's on the far left? Please. My record is strong and consistent on debt - and I find this kind of grandstanding, well, as reckless as the spending that got us into this hole.