Limbaugh Poison Watch

We've observed most every prominent pundit on the right go on about how despicable it is to politicize the Tucson tragedy, how only the most cynical, irresponsible person would engage in that sort of "blood libel." So will they have the courage to include Rush Limbaugh in their condemnation, now that he has offered an extended monologue blaming various liberals for the shooting, run on his Web site along with this graphic?


Its a strange sort of moral universe where you condemn something in the strongest language at your disposal only to begin doing it yourself on the theory that turnabout is fair play.

Palin, of course, did exactly the same thing in her creepiest-ever "interview" on Fox "News" the other night. (Aren't you proud I didn't obsess about it? I'm trying. Okay, I've been sick as a dog and couldn't muster the psychic energy.)  She insisted both that an attemted assassination had nothing whatsoever to do with any outside political influences and then called Loughner a left-winger! Jon Stewart got it right last night as he often does.