Liberals And Libertarians: Not So Fast

Will Wilkinson reflects on the resilient differences:

...Most liberals remain pretty hostile to these common libertarian ideas:

  • Democracy sucks.
  • Unions hurt more than they help.
  • Campaign spending is political speech.
  • Economic inequality does not undermine democracy or democracy’s role in establishing and protecting equal liberty.
  • Economic rights are as important as political and civil rights, and should be just as vigilantly protected, even if  that leads to huge inequalities, which do not, by the way, threaten democracy or the value of political and civil rights.
  • Taxation is coercive but imprisoning the guy who nicked your lawn gnome isn’t.

He concludes that "some of these ideas are correct, some incorrect," and that "together they amount to a towering impediment to joyous liberal-libertarian comity."