In Defense Of Casual Sex

Irin Carmon rejects the tone and thesis of Caitlin Flanagan's new piece in The Atlantic, on the Duke Fuck List, composed by a female undergrad:

The central thesis of Flanagan's piece is that Karen Owen really wanted love and affection, like all women do, but she was confused by the alleged feminist mandate to get wasted and have random sex with callous dudes. (I think I missed that memo.) ...

The decade-long hysteria over a "hookup culture," imperiling young women who have been brainwashed into binge-drinking away their ingrained biological desires for cuddling and babies, doesn't match any reality I've seen or heard of beyond pseudo-concerned trend stories. There are some people who are more interested in casual sex, sometimes; some of them are women, and some of them are drunk at the time, and it's not a death knell for a committed relationship somewhere along the way if that's what you want. It's not that gender inequality doesn't inform the power dynamics of casual sex, on campus or elsewhere. It's that it's hard to believe these handwringers are interested, in good faith, in creating a better environment of safe, enthusiastic consent when they're so busy ignoring the fact that women like sex too. Or judging us for it.