If The GOP Cared About The Deficit ...

Austin Frakt drafts a healthcare repeal plan focused on deficit reduction:

If I were to make a budget-based argument for repeal, I’d advocate a partial one. Kill the spending, keep the savings, keep the revenue, and probably keep the experimental. The experiments could have costs, but it is hard to argue that we don’t need to try new Medicare/Medicaid financing approaches. Maybe not all of the savings will materialize, but should we not try to save something in an otherwise fiscally unsustainable patchwork of federal/state health systems?

Ezra Klein points out the obvious:

[T]he distance between what Frakt is proposing and what the Republicans are proposing is further evidence that the GOP's erratic and unreliable concern over the deficit just isn't on the level. It's there when convenient, gone when inconvenient.