Huntsman 2012?

by Patrick Appel

Politico is reporting that Jon Huntsman, the U.S. Ambassador to China, will run for the GOP nomination. Larison - along with the rest of the internet - is befuddled:

What intrigues me about Huntsman’s campaign is that it seems to make no sense at all.

Something else I find interesting about it is that he will be the only 2012 candidate who has been elected to office and possesses foreign policy experience. His presence in the primary field will draw attention to the lack of experience that all of the others have, and it will make the attempts of Romney, Pawlenty and Thune, among others, to claim expertise in foreign policy seem even more ridiculous than they already do. It can’t help the eventual GOP nominee that Huntsman will have been pointing out his lack of qualifications on national security and foreign policy in debate after debate. Then again, Huntsman can’t be a particularly effective critic of Obama’s foreign policy as someone who was responsible for advancing the administration’s China policy, which neutralizes the one clear advantage he has over the others.