Focus On Qualified Candidates

by Conor Friedersdorf

For once, I agree with Mark Levin, if only a single line from a long post. He writes:

We conservatives must stay focused.  We must defeat Obama in 2012 by nominating an intelligent, articulate, confident conservative for president.

Keep in mind that Mr. Levin has done more than most on his radio show to elevate Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnel. If the GOP winds up nominating someone who lacks the chops to be president, odds are that person will have appeared on Levin's show for a softball interview. And will anyone blame him and his talk radio colleagues if that person either loses the election or fails in office? It hasn't happened yet.

This isn't to say that Levin hasn't hosted intelligent conservatives too. But his lack of discernment causes many in his audience to imagine that the Palins and O'Donnels of the world are just as qualified as the stronger available Republicans. Why wouldn't they? He lavishes them with praise as sycophantic. That's going to do a disservice to the right when primary time arrives. So how about tweaking your radio show between now and the election, Mr. Levin. Can you go that long focusing exclusively on guests with the attributes you've mentioned?