Fighting Back Against The Neocons, Ctd

by Zoe Pollock

Jennifer Rubin takes the same old party line and refuses to apologize to Steve Clemons. Earlier she accused him of "Israel bashing":

Let me start with the letter itself, which seeks to single out Israel for settlement-building. The timing of the letter is particularly inapt. This weekend we read the revelations from past negotiations, which demonstrate once again that Israeli building is not the stumbling block to a peace deal. To the contrary, the Palestinians in the past seemed prepared to give up claims to areas in which Israel has been building, including most of East Jerusalem. But the letter is more than misguided. It does precisely what Israel's foes on the world stage aim to do -- single out Israel, hold it to a different standard than all other countries, vilify it and diplomatically isolate the Jewish state. That is by definition at the very least "Israel bashing."