Faux Healthcare Repeal

Aaron Carroll greets the coming healthcare vote with snark:

Evidently, there is going to be a big vote on health care reform in the House.  It’s going to be on January 12, which is 8 days away. There will be no hearings on the bill.  No markups out of committee.  No extended period for everyone to read it.  No bipartisan meeting to discuss it.  There will be no CBO scoring of the bill.

It will be – and when you read this, please add lots of sarcasm in your head – “shoved down our throats”.

Austin Frakt is more somber:

The only thing I oppose is debate without substance. If anyone wants to be taken seriously on health care (or anything) they’ve got to do the work, all of it. Democrats did so and they got a law passed and enacted. It’s not perfect, but it is an improvement over the status quo. Can Republicans make it better? It takes more than repeal.