Escalating In Egypt


by Chris Bodenner

The Guardian posts a round-up of protests, which have spread beyond Suez:

• SHEIKH ZOWEID - Security forces shoot dead a Bedouin demonstrating in a town in Egypt's Sinai region, eyewitnesses and a security source say. Security forces fire tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters.

• SUEZ - Security forces fire rubber 108429362bullets, water cannon and use tear gas to disperse hundreds of protestors. Youths throw rocks and petrol bombs at the police.

• SUEZ - At sunset, hundreds of demonstrators are still on the streets and black smoke hangs over the city. Youths walk around shooting fire extinguishers into the air.

• ISMAILIA - Hundreds of protesters clash with police, who disperse the crowd with tear gas.

• CAIRO - Large groups of riot police keep watch in Cairo and in Giza suburb. Outside the press syndicate in central Cairo, dozens of protesters shout demands for President Hosni Mubarak to resign as police look on.

• CAIRO - State news agency MENA says the security services have released protesters in several parts of the country.

EA has more on the latest death:

1600 GMT: Another protester has been killed today. Mohamed Atef was shot in the head during demonstrations in the town of Sheikh Zowayed in the Sinai peninsula. Atef is the fifth protester to die since Tuesday. Officials say two policemen have also been killed.

(Both photos, from Suez, by Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images)