Egypt Erupting, Ctd


by Chris Bodenner

An assortment of updates from Enduring America:

1045 GMT: The Ministry of Interior says street protests and public gatherings are now officially banned. Those who congreagate will be detained and prosecuted.

1050 GMT: Medical sources say a third demonstrator has died in Suez from injuries sustained in Tuesday's protests. A rights organisation says 76 others are still hospitalised.

1215 GMT: An Associated Press photographer is among the 400 people detained since yesterday. His whereabouts are unknown.

1354 GMT: Youm7 says that Egypt is using women police officers for the first time today in the effort to suppress the protests.

1429 GMT: Reports of clashes in Ramses Street in Cairo. About 400 riot police are moving from Tahrir Square toward the new scene of confrontation.

1510 GMT: CNN's Wedeman updates, "Major battle on al Gala St. Tear gas, fires, hundreds of police."

1555 GMT: From Adam Makary of Al Jazeera: "Hit with tear gas again on Galaa St. Almost 1000 protesting. Guess Jan. 25 won't be ending anytime soon, police up against determined protesters."

(Photo: Egyptian demonstrators demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak and calling for reforms face riot police in Cairo on January 26, 2011. By Mohammaed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)