by Chris Bodenner

EA is all over an escalating scene in Suez:

1249 GMT: In Egypt, Cairo is still quiet today. Security forces maintain a heavy presence, although there are fewer in the key point of Tahrir Square. A report is coming in, however, of protests starting in Suez, where there were serious clashes throughout yesterday. Al Masry Al Youm is also carrying the news.

1330 GMT: Fighting is reportedly centred around a police station. Al Jazeera reporter Ayman Mohyeldin estimates 2000 protesters are involved. Reuters is reporting tear gas and rubber bullets have been used; Al Jazeera says tear gas, rubber bullets, and cannon. Neither mention live ammunition.

1415 GMT: Recap from Suez. One police station was burned this morning, and relatives of detainees gathered around a second station. Trouble then escalated, with the reports of clashes involving tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannon. There are unconfirmed claims of Molotov cocktails and live fire.

1425 GMT: 1st-hand from Suez, "Fire department building on fire. Billows of black smoker rising. Firemen jumping out windows."

(Photo of rubber-bullet wounds via Amira Al Hussaini, who is collecting Twitter reports from Egypt. Rumblings in the Suez began last night.)

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