Do Not Disturb

by Conor Friedersdorf

Attention editor of the Harvard Business Review: If you're looking for a flashy cover story to goose newsstand sales, why not take Marriott's decision to get rid of inroom pornography as your starting point, and assign one of the Freakinomics guys to do a case study on whether it results in more calls from hotel rooms to escort services.

I suspect you'll wind up with a story, but on the rare occasions when I travel for business I blow all my discretionary spending on overpriced pitchers of Sapporo at the Alphabet City karaoke bar where I sing Thunder Road and Under Pressure with writer friends, so what do I know?

(The establishment of which I speak, Sing Sing, has these awesome videos that accompany various songs, and when I think about it I'd love nothing more to going singing with A.O. Scott (or Chris Orr!), buy him a pitcher of Sapporo, and pick his brain about the unknown director's fascinating interpretation of Like A Rolling Stone.)