Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Your hatred of Palin has completely clouded your judgment on this incident. As Ezra Klein pointed out (and which you failed make note of in your posting of his comments), Palin should feel aggrieved.  She is being blamed partly for this horrible incident.  Maybe you need to step back and think how you would feel, if someone were to attack her or her family, and then have people blame you because you have written very critical opinions of her.

I do not hate Sarah Palin. I wish I had never heard of her. I just think it was farcical that she was proposed as a possible president of the United States, and fear that her polarizing, vindictive, divisive personality has hurt this country and could lead into very dangerous territory.

But the first problem with the meme that Palin was partly blamed for the shooting by the entire MSM is that it's wrong.

Maybe a handful did so, with Kos the most egregious. It's inexcusable and wrong and I didn't go there. But the person who did go there, months before she was shot, was Giffords herself, presciently.

If Giffords hadn't herself predicted possible violence as a result of Palin's cross-hairs, Palin would not be anywhere near this story. That's the simple and amazing truth.

The proof of this is that you will find not a mention of Giffords' statement on any of the right-wing blogs. On the Dish, we air dissent and as much information as we can. And in that spirit, a bleg: can anyone find for me a reference to Giffords' MSNBC statement on a conservative or Republican blog?