Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Wait a second. I am no fan of Limbaugh's, but when he makes fun of Chinese speakers it's a "Limbaugh Poison Watch," but when you do it it's just holiday fun? And when criticized you replied with this:

Whether parodying upper-class twits, or stammers, or R and L jokes for Asians, or lisps for homos, it's just human to laugh at weird cultural mismatches. I know my reader knows I mean no harm. And I do not mean to offend. But fun is not the same thing as offense. And they will remove the Dish's non-p.c. silly humor quotient from my cold dead hands.

So why the double standard on your part when it comes to mocking the Chinese language? I am for holding Limbaugh accountable for the violent, ludicrous, and racist shit he says, but just make sure it's not from a glass house, especially on the small stuff like Chinese sounding discordant to the Anglophone.

Because it wasn't funny, went on far too long and was designed to offend as much as to entertain. But nowhere near his usual vitriol, I concede. I'll be more judicious in future selections.