Death By Tear Gas


by Chris Bodenner

Via the Guardian's Matthew Weaver and Haroon Siddique:

Al-Jazeera is showing extraordinary live footage of a police firing teargas cannisters at protesters and protesters throwing them back. Police have cleared one of the main motorway bridges over the Nile. ...

"It doesn't show any sign of dying down at the moment," says Peter Beaumont who has been witnessing teargas canisters exchanges on the Kassr Nile bridge. "Having got gassed earlier today, I've got no idea how the protesters are managing to stay in the smoke," he says.


1330 GMT: Al Masry Al Youm is claiming that police have retaken Qasr al-Nil Bridge, forcing protesters to Opera Square with water cannons at close range as well as rubber bullets and tear gas.

1324 GMT: Al Jazeera is reporting that a woman was killed by tear gas in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

(Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)