Colin Ferguson and Jared Loughner, Ctd

A reader writes:

You blegged, "I wonder if readers can track down comments on Ferguson by some of those on the right now denying any conceivable connection between acts of violence and incendiary rhetoric." I offer this article written by Pat Buchanan after the Virginia Tech shooting. He doesn't connect violent rhetoric and Colin Ferguson; he simply states that Ferguson's immigration status is to blame. The evidence Buchanan presents is pretty overwhelming though. Since the Immigration Act of 1965, 36 million immigrants have been unable to assimilate properly. As a result, a baker's dozen or so have committed mass murder! Money quote from Buchanan:

[The politically correct media] seem to believe it is socially unhealthy for us Americans to see any correlation at all between mass migrations and mass murder.

For the record, Buchanan chastised those who drew larger connections to the Tucson tragedy:

Elements on the left are now connecting the dots – the words of Palin and Fox News – to the deeds of accused mass murderer Jared Loughner. This is not political hardball. This is political dirt ball.