Capturing The Bloodshed In Tunisia, Ctd

Bassam Bounenni sketches out the censorship regime in Tunisia and how it's losing its grip:

The government has been caught off guard by the new media. Rioting young eyewitnesses have gone beyond the official sacrosanct principle of not leaking any "harmful" video. Since the early hours of the protests, they have become a dynamic and compelling news source for international media outlets. They have posted dozens of videos showing spiraling discontent and updated death tolls in real time.

Regarding the above Youtube:

... Nawaat bloggers uploaded an extremely graphic clip showing the body of a man they identify as a university professor, “shot by the Tunisian government police’s snipers [Wednesday] during the protest in the southern city of Douz.

Enduring America compiled a series of clips from yesterday's unrest. More here.