Can Palin Win? Ctd

The dog whistle reaches George Will:

And Bernstein is also leaning no:

Mostly, she's giving every indication that if she formally enters the race, she intends to run as a factional candidate by mobilizing her personal loyalists.  That was a viable strategy in the 1970s, perhaps, at least on the Democratic side, but it's highly unlikely that a factional candidate can win now in a coalition-style nominating process. 

It's not too late for her, but it's getting closer, I think.

This has definitely been a shark-jumping period for Palin. Oddly, the reality show may have been the most damaging because it exposed her as a fraudulent outdoors-person, hunter and shooter. Real hunters weren't fooled, and the realization of phoniness (Levi's long and most devastating accusation) can spread. 

Still, I regard much of this current punditry as a desperate attempt by the GOP establishment to kill her off metaphorically now she has done what they wanted her to do - prevent a landslide in 2008 and raise enough base ruckus to neutralize the Obama juggernaut in 2010. But here's a question I'd like to ask: why did Charles Krauthammer and George Will endorse her in 2008 if she is still so patently unqualified now? How does someone become less electable as they gain experience? Or did they get some kind of four-year guarantee from John McCain's doctor?