Can Palin Win? Ctd

A reader writes:

Just a guess on why Will and Krauthammer would have changed their minds about Palin between 2008 and now. Could it be that, while it was clear she was unqualified, it wasn't so clear that she was uninterested?

It's one thing to consider an unknown for VP - yes, limited political history and a lot of small town baggage - but a reasonably intelligent person with ambition and passion and drive could learn quite a lot if she applied herself. Obama figured it out and he had the added burden of actually being president.

It's quite another thing to view Palin now - to measure her choices, to see how she's kept to her corner of the world, only interested in celebrity and the adulation of her followers. We don't see her learning anything new or traveling in public policy circles or hobnobbing with people of experience who can give her insight, we don't see her communicating with people whose opinions are different from hers or trying to persuade people who disagree with her. In short, we don't see her doing any of the things which anyone, right or left, would expect from a person with the ambition to be president.

I don't think there's any doubt that she's a woman of energy and ambition, but she's had 2 years to gain experience and she's chosen not to.