Cairo Still Aflame


by Chris Bodenner

Al Jazeera:

10:42pm [local time] Gunfire has been heard coming from the direction of the interior ministry in Cairo during a confrontation between guards and protesters, and the NDP headquarters is once again on fire.


8.25pm: Reuters reports that protesters have set fire to the Tax Authority office tower near Cairo's interior ministry


2053 GMT: A first-hand report from the Bulaq section of Cairo, "Police Station a ball of flames. Heavy gunfire."

2100 GMT: Al Jazeera reports that fire has engulfed the Supreme Council of Journalism and surrounding buildings in central Cairo with no firefighters to be seen.

(Photo: An Egyptian man looks out onto a burning government building from a bridge in central Cairo January 29, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. By Chris Hondros/Getty Images)