Bingeing On Not Drinking

Sarah Hepola reflects on her newly-found sobriety:

I decided to quit drinking for one day. And then I tried a month. And then six. Honestly, it's kind of how I drank too, when I was trying to cut down: Well, I'll just have one beer. OK, I'll have four. Wait, four makes me think six would be really good. I have no idea if I've quit drinking forever. Who knows if they've stopped doing anything forever? I don't even know if I want HBO next year. But that unpredictability is kind of the point right now, that there is the possibility of another story that's different from the one that came before. I'm totally confused about how to date without drinking, how to dance on a table without drinking, how to say yes without drinking. Which is thrilling when you let it be, a question mark that stretches into the horizon, instead of hanging grimly over the night that passed.