Before Dinesh

Kings College in New York City is the Christian institution of higher education where Dinesh D'Souza serves as president (and perhaps acts as faculty advisor for students doing scholarly work on Kenyan anti-colonialism). In an essay on the college, Jonathan Fitzgerald looks back at the tenure of its prior head:

In 2003, J. Stanley Oakes, Jr. became the college’s fourth president.

Among faculty and staff, at least while I was at King’s, Oakes was most famous for instituting the tagline “God Money Power” as an encapsulation of the college’s vision. Though there has been some confusion about what Oakes’ originally meant by the phrase, the most common interpretation is that God, money, and power should be the most important things to a Christian college student. It also appears several times in the King’s faculty handbook, linking God, money, and power to the “ruling disciplines” of politics, philosophy, economics, and theologythese are the areas of society that graduates should penetrate.

Observing the ways that right-wing Christians distort the Gospels is endlessly fascinating.