As Limbaugh Eats Himself

Ticked that the NFL canceled a football game during the East Coast blizzard, Rush vents:

All I could think about was the Donner Party.  You know the story of the Donner Party.  A bunch of pioneers heading out to California got trapped in a blizzard in the Sierra Nevada mountain range out there near Lake Tahoe and they couldn't get to Harrah's, and they couldn't get to any of the casinos.  It was bad.  They resorted to cannibalism to stay alive.  If you read from the diaries that were kept by members of the Donner Party, you know what you find as a reference to the weather?  One, "It was an unusually cold winter."  There wasn't any complaining. There wasn't any whining.  There wasn't any moaning.  It's just what it was.  These are pioneers.  What would the Donner Party think if they knew that we were canceling a football game because of a forecast?

I imagine it might be difficult to think of anyone in American history who retroactively might have shown more deference to a forecast of heavy snow than the members of the Donner Party. But I regress.

Where was Limbaugh when all this happened? On vacation in Hawaii.