An Arab Uprising?

Marc Lynch is troubled by protests in Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and Algeria:

I don't expect these protests to bring down any regimes, but really who knows?  It's an unpredictable moment.  Many of these regimes are led by aging, fading leaders such as Hosni Mubarak and Zine el-Abedine Ben Ali who could pass from the scene in a heartbeat -- literally.  Nor do I particularly know what to recommend that the Obama administration do. The traditional calls to "promote democracy" are largely irrelevant to this situation, except in the longer-term.  What we are now seeing is the fruit of the failure to promote meaningful reform in the past, but that doesn't mean that doing so now would meet the challenge.   

If these protests continue to spread, both inside of countries and across to other Arab countries, then we really could talk about this being Obama's "Arab Spring"....