An Actual War On Christmas

Perhaps it's understandable that Fox News is a little off its game, since its own former president and its own political party launched the war, but it's real enough. As my colleague, Jeffrey, rightly notes, the attack on a Coptic church in Eqypt really was a huge story that got lost in the Holiday melee (and is now being compounded by disgusting anti-Semitism). The good news is that many Egyptians seem genuinely distressed. The bad news is that the dark hand of religious cleansing is sweeping across Mesopotamia once again. Here's the hideous latest:

A survivor of the Christian church massacre in Iraq two months ago was killed in the continuing spree of violence targeting the community in the country. A Christian woman in the Karrada district of central Baghdad was shot to death at dawn on Monday while she was asleep, reports quoting Iraq's interior ministry said. The assailants also robbed Rafah Butros Toma, who lived alone in Al-Wahda neighborhood, of her possessions. She was a witness to the massacre of worshipers in a failed rescue operation by Iraqi security forces in a Catholic church in central Baghdad on October 31.

44 congregants and two priests who assembled in Our Lady of Salvation Church for an evening mass were killed hours after militants held them hostage demanding the release of all al-Qaeda prisoners in Iraq and Egypt, including two Muslim women. Seven security force personnel who were deployed for rescue operation were also killed. Rafah Toma survived the suicide-bomb attack but her cousin was killed. It was followed by a threat from 'Islamic State of Iraq' that it will attack Christians in Iraq and other parts of the world.

Who among the neocons would have thought that one of George W. Bush's final legacies would be bringing pogroms, bombings and genocide to Christians in his new zone of freedom?