America Eats Soy, Shudders

by Patrick Appel

Upon learning that Taco Bell's "beef" is only about a third beef, I had the same reaction as Amanda Marcotte:

I’m sorry that America learned today that you learned you actually like the taste of soy products.  I know how traumatic that can be.  I’ve seen small children, greedily eating a food they claimed to dislike but that has been served to them in disguise, only to be told what it was, which required spitting it out and saying, “Gross!” We, as a nation, are this small child, or at least that’s how it seems from the breathless coverage this scandal has been given in the news.  We can’t see ourselves as people who eat soy.  It’s gross.  No matter how much we like it. 

And a reader kills Balk's Taco Bell joke:

Just wanted to point out that Zoe quotes Alex Balk's criticism of the Taco Bell lawsuit -- that people are "trying to make a buck out of that obvious crap's obvious crapness" -- but he didn't mention that the lawsuit does not seek monetary damages. Instead the suit seeks only "that they stop saying that they are selling beef." I don't know why anyone would be against this - if only to see how Taco Bell decides to rename its "seasoned beef" when/if it loses the case.