AIPAC For Kids! Ctd

Yaniv Reich comments on the "brilliant, must-see video" we posted yesterday:

What is most remarkable about this short satirical piece is how realistic it is. It can be considered satire, but it unfortunately reflects far too common thoughts that have infected Israeli critical thinking capacities. Like conservatives who can’t tell that Stephen Colbert is mocking them, I suspect a number of right-wing Israeli hacks will self-identify with this video. Maybe they’ll even try to redesign early childhood education around these innovative ideas.

How many times have we heard these same arguments, not only from Im Tirzu (the right-wing Israeli NGO), FM Evet Lieberman and his proto-fascist allies, PM Netanyahu, but from “left-wing” Labor leaders like Barak, “centrist” leaders like Tzipi Livni, my beloved family members, “liberal” and otherwise?

By the way, the Israeli comedy show that made the skit, Eretz Nehederet, also created the genius Angry Birds peace process video we posted earlier this week.