A Newborn Country, Ctd

Andreas Markessinis mulls Southern Sudan's naming dilemma:

One possible option is ‘New Sudan’, but some oppose the idea as that name would associate the new country with the actual Sudan, which is considered a pariah state. For a weak, new country with weak influence, getting the world population to distinguish between ‘Sudan’ and ‘New Sudan’ would take aeons. Many people still confuse South Korea with North Korea and don’t remember which one is the rogue state, so any combination of names including the word ‘Sudan’ will probably be counter-productive to the new country, nationals say. ...

Others prefer the Nile Republic, arguing that this name would put the country on the map and build an attractive image around a world-famous asset, the Nile river. But, as in the Greece-FYROM name dispute, tensions with Egypt, which considers itself the guardian of the ‘Nile brand’, could appear if the new country chose to name itself so.