A New Brand Of Rich, Ctd

Mark Yzaguirre acknowledges the undeserving rich - those who have accrued wealth outside free enterprise:

[I]n a global economy, there are very wealthy economic players who didn’t gain their wealth by risking their personal capital or other voluntary business transactions. Trillions of dollars of investment worldwide, including in the US stock markets and other investment vehicles that middle-class Americans rely on for their well-being, is provided by sources that didn’t become wealthy via libertarian means. Jihadist oil barons from the Middle East, post-Soviet oligarchs and executives from Chinese Communist Party-backed companies are just as welcome as investors and guests at posh resorts as Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs. They have a big place at the table in the global economy.

This doesn’t justify general suspicion or envy of the wealthy. In fact, it’s fair to say that these players didn’t attain wealth through free enterprise means, so their sins don’t say much about the free enterprise system.