A Bad Case Of China Envy

Francis Fukuyama and Steven Pearlstein are awestruck by the authoritarian decisiveness of China. Pearlstein claims that with "its state-controlled economy, China can force its companies to act collaboratively to achieve the country's strategic economic objectives." He wants America to adopt exactly the protectionist and statist policies of the Communists. Ryan Avent raises an eyebrow:

America's government is far from perfect, and I think there's a case that it's become too sclerotic and is in need of some institutional reform. I don't think I'm alone in wishing that America's leaders could agree to fund basic infrastructure appropriately and build a rail line in less than an average human lifespan. But to suggest that the ability to force its companies to act collaboratively is a Chinese strength?

Yes, this China syndrome is worth watching. Every now and again an authoritarian state gives some Americans a thrill up the leg.