"The Blood Libel Route"

Howie Kurtz stops defending Palin. From the Politburo, a one-two classic. Comrade Jonah:

the use of this particular term in this context isn’t ideal.

Comrade K-Lo:

Ironically, it may lead to a more honest discussion of the phrase than we’ve typically seen in the mainstream media. It may.

It took her only ten minutes to make sure that any criticism of Palin was qualified. And they say this isn't Palin's party. My first impression of the political and rhetorical escalation by Palin: she's going for broke on this. She thrives off this emotional polarization and is seeking, like all demagogues, to exploit it. She wants to turn this into a right-left war, thereby fortifying her grip on the right's base. If the establishment does nothing in response, she gains a more secure grip on the apparatus.