"On Extreme Right And Left" Ctd


A reader writes:

The Democrats also used a "target" map. It's not equivalent, but I think it is worth noting. Yes, the 2004 flier from the Democratic Leadership Council looks like a dart board, and there are no names.  But it still used phrases like "behind enemy lines."  The left doesn't have many gun fetishes to stoke, so that's another difference, but it's still worth noting that Sarah Palin didn't start this type of politics.  She and the Ailes component have pushed it higher and higher and that should also be acknowledged.

Of course Palin didn't start this kind of politics. Of course, if she is human, she must feel awful about the coincidence of her metaphorical cross-hairs and Loughner's real ones. Of course she never intended anything like this to happen. Of course the critique of extreme incivility applies to both parties.

But one side will have to do a lot more self-repair than the other. And it will do them more good than they currently seem to grasp. Boehner could maybe do it. So far, he's been dignified, restrained and pitch-perfect. How wonderful if this unlikely guy led a real Republican revolution - in tone.